Dancing in An Elevator?

So whenever I’m in an elevator and people get off and only I’m left, I start to dance. Nothing too pounding like Lord of the Dance, mind you, it’s an elevator suspending my in the sky. But that’s one of the only times when I’m out of my apt/car and truly alone.


And I shake it. Just do a little bop, I’m always a few seconds from having a beat going in my head.

Of course, I have to stand to the side to nobody can see me if I pass a floor with someone near the elevator door window.


If anybody checks the elevator security video, they must get a kick out if it.

Come on, am I the only one to do this?  Fess up!


  1. Because of my job I’m able to listen to music pretty much all day so I ALWAYS have my ear buds in. Needless to say when the elevator is empty I might bust a move or ten 😉 You are FAR from the only one. Elevator dancers unite!

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