Cleaning= Consolidating and Hiding Piles of Paper

Ok it’s been well established that I have messy tendencies. The Cleanliness Struggle is real.

Mona is coming to the crib on Saturday, so I have to get it Woman Ready, so all of the requisite wiping, spraying and mopping has already begun. More Friday and early Saturday.

And I notice that I have various piles of papers, whether it’s old bills, new mail, receipts, crap I don’t need.

I occasionally go through everything and properly process, file, shred, dispose all of them. But it’s an ongoing accumulation and sometimes it takes me by surprise, mainly because I ignore it.

Well, in cases like this when Mona comes over and I don’t have time to go through everything, I just consolidate the piles and put them in a drawer.

And I try to remember to take it out of the drawer after she leaves so I can get rid of it correctly.

Anyone else do that? Or am I the only mail freak?


  1. I have a running pile of papers on my kitchen counter, mail, receipts, recipes that I printed, etc. I go through it every couple of months. Definitely dealing with it asap is the best but when you live alone, it’s easy to let it go..having 1 pile isn’t that bad…having them all over the place, not so smart.

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