Time to Be Selfish

So over my life, I’d be the nice guy, the guy who goes out of his way for people, sacrificing time and money if needed.

This is NOT a nice guys finish last post. I don’t believe that. Not like doing good things is a bad thing, but at 43 they really have to be weighed as to if the effect on me is worth it.

A friend, Craig, asked me to help out with his Fantasy Baseball draft tonight. A Monday night. It’s in NJ, more than an hour away. It starts at 8pm.

Sure I’ll go.

Craig’s good people. I don’t see him often. And a sports writing celebrity happens to be part of his league. So that’s cool.

However, it cost over $20 in tolls on the road. Craig didn’t offer to pay and it didn’t hit me to ask until I was already on the way home.

Plus, it ended around 10:30pm and when I got home it finally took almost 2 hours, some roads were closed so detours needed to be taken. Plus my neighborhood is a bitch to find parking spots past 9pm on a night before cars have to be moved the next morning do the street sweepers could go down the street.

So was it worth the gas, the $20+ in tolls and all that traveling especially that late? Honestly? No.

Ok I’m more apt to say yes to those things because I’m out of work and I have a more free schedule. But honestly, that shouldn’t factor in.

Yes I could have said no to Craig. But I didn’t. And I need to start weighing the Pain in the Ass factor before saying Yes to doing something.


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