Divine Clock Intervention- The Universe Assists with the Time Change

So Daylight Savings time is here! A couple weeks ago we sprung forward, setting the clocks an hour ahead.

My lady friend Mona has been playfully on me saying that I need to change my clock on my car, and not be a lazy ass and not change it. And of course she’s right.

It’s a digital and I tried to change my clock via a menu whose button is on my steering wheel.

But I couldn’t find it.

Hmmmmmm…. where is it? I’ll figure it out at some other time.

Yesterday, I put my GPS on my windshield and the wire dangled by my touch screen that I can control lots of things like my radio. And if the wire touches the screen it takes it to all sorts of screens.

Well without my doing anything,  the wire hit the screen in such a way that it TOOK ME TO THE SCREEN I NEEDED TO GET TO TO CHANGE MY CLOCK!


Clock adjustment, baby!  Damn right! Thank you, universe!

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