Behold my First Avocado! – Upping my Healthy Diet

So a few days ago I posted that the diastole of my blood pressure was slightly high, 110/90 so I am going to up my health game in terms of exercise and diet.

So far,  I’ve jogged twice.  Not too long so far, a mile one day and a quarter mile another day. Not much but it’s a start.

And I ate an avocado.

“Big effing deal, GR.”

Ok ok fair point, good reader, I’m not the first person to eat an avocado. HOWEVER, it was the first time I ever bought/cut open/prepared this great superfood.




  1. A favorite. Just a note. Those brown spots mean it is a bit beyond its prime, kind of like a banana that begins to brown. Still edible, good for mashing, just not the best. I buy them as hard as a rock, let them sit on the counter for a few days. As soon as you can lightly press into the skin, cut it up. Works well for slicing or cubing, for a sandwich, etc.

    Good luck. You’re on your way. ☺

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