There are good people in Brooklyn- Credit Card Found, Kept, Retrieved

So yesterday I realized that I couldn’t find my credit card in my wallet. My ATM and other various cards were there (Metrocard to ride the subway, my library card, my washing machine payment card, etc) but my credit card was not.

Ugh. I’d misplaced my Mastercard once last year, got it replaced, then found the old one. Now the replacement card was gone.

I checked online, nobody was using my card. Whew!

I scoured the apt over and over again. Nothing.  Ugh. I so didn’t want to replace it again. That’s a frickin hassle. But what to do?

Backtrack.  When did I use it last? At Staples. But that was last Wednesday. Five days ago. Well, gotta try it.

I went, thankfully it’s in my neighborhood. The manager had to check in the safe, but she came out and said “Can I see your ID?”


Whoever found it was a nice enough person, didn’t try to make false charges. Just gave it to management.

Oh man.  That’s a big win. THANK YOU, STAPLES!


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