Steamy Time in the Steam Room (plus a Massage and Champagne)

So this weekend, Mona and I redeemed her Valentine’s Day gift to me/us:

A couples massage that also included a steam shower and a glass of champagne at the end.

Lemme tell you… that was effing AWESOME.

Very dark place, calming, peaceful. New age relaxing music. We had our own room with two massage tables. A couple’s massage is apparently just getting separate massages in the same room.

Massages are great however they come.

But before that was the steam shower which was attached to the massage room. Basically a shower with steam capabilities too. Mona and I got in together and we didn’t really know what to expect. It was lightly steamy and it was… fine.

Then the steam started BLASTING . And we were soaked and just laughing at how wet we were from the steam.

And then an idea hit us: we could FOOL AROUND. It was ON. We were so proud of ourselves, like we were the first ones to think of doing that. Oh it was steamy x 2.

Then it hit us that EVERY COUPLE went at it in the steam shower and we were thankful that a blacklight was not glowing, ifyouknowui’msayin.

Only lasted until the steam died down. 15 minutes.

The massage was awesome.  I usually prefer them deeper, more painful actually. I have all sorts of knots.  My massage therapist hit them all, but didn’t apply the hard pressure. In retrospect, I could have requested that she go deeper, but it was good as it was.

A little champagne while nuzzling was a nice end of the experience. There wasn’t anybody else around. It was very romantic.

If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it.

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