Frankencake! A Tasty Random Visit to a Friend

Ok, so I was in the city today visiting my financial advisor. And while I was in I figured I’d visit my friend Justin.  

Justin recently left his job and is planning his next move, questioning things, where he’s going in life and why. And possibly won’t be in NYC much longer. Plus he has a new girlfriend.

Made it to his apartment and MY GOD did it smell AWESOME!

He was making red velvet cake, trying out two recipes for a dessert he’s bringing to his gf’s family.

That’s right. There were TWO single layers of red velvet cake, no frosting, just the cake.

But which one would he bring?


But how could we taste them both but them still use one in the end-result cake?

Enter: Gratuitous Rex

I suggested that we cut holes in both then we use some of the one he doesn’t want to use to plug the hole in the one he does want to use. After he frosts it,  the taste difference would be minimal. He’ll add on another layer anyway and put frosting on that layer too.

Plus he’d mark that side so he would have that piece and his potential in-laws would be none the wiser.

We tasted. We tested. Though similar, one was clearly, though nominally, better.

We plugged it up with part of the second cake… then ATE THE REST of the second cake!




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