“Hey, I read your blog today”- Friends and Blogging

You know, my real name isn’t attached to this here Gratuitous Rex blog. I don’t want the things that I write traced back to me.

Even when this wasnt about my lady friend or my job search or anything intimate.  Even when it was just comedy-type writing. I’m in the corporate world (when I’m working) and it wouldn’t be right.  Maybe.  I don’t want to chance it.

Now, early on I did tell a few select  people about my blog, told them the name and everything. I haven’t mentioned it in ages.

I occasionally here people say “oh, I read that in your blog” or “I have to catch up.”

I gotta say that I think that’s really cool that some people I know are still reading.
(One friend in particular said that he never leaves comments because the other comments are serious and his would be just goofing because that is the type of relationship that we have.  Which is fine. I like that.  And I appreciate his not “disrespecting The Bing.”)

Do these people now know more about me than they used to? Absolutely.  I’m glad I haven’t publicized it so much but these few are ok in my book.


  1. My friends know about my blog, if they are on Facebook, but I try to get them to remember that it’s an anonymous blog. Some have a hard time remembering. This morning I texted a friend something, and she said, “Oh, I saw that on your blog.” It’s funny to remember that people I know have a window into my life. Most of the time I just talk to people I don’t know. LOL

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  2. I kept my blog private for over a year and a 1/2. I planned on going public once my divorce was final so everyone could read what happened to me and maybe it could help people along the way. When I went public( put the link on my facebook page), I got 407 views in one day!! That same day, I got an award at work for being 2nd place in sales for the year. So it was a great day all around!

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  3. It’s really heartwarming when some surprising acquaintances say that they read my blog: eg my neighbours at the flats who are both quite busy people. On the other hand, Can’t Stand It when my close friends say “oh I don’t have time to read it.” You know: I have time to Write It, despite a terminal illness and a chronic mental disorder. How dare they etc…xxx

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