The LOL Coincidence

“Another coincidence?  Geez, GRex, have mercy already.”

Nope.  I enjoy these things.  I think they’re cool.  So bite me. In fact, I’m thinking of creating videos to put on my blog which will be my first foray into vlogging. So keep an eye out for them.  Basically me talking to my computer video camera,  explaining the coincidence.  Nothing more than that.

So tonight I was texting with my ladyfriend Mona.  She said something funny. And in 2016, the mandatory reaction to text humor is?

That’s right. “Lol”

So as I was typing “Lol”,  I got a message on FB Instant Messenger from a friend Alice, whom I sent a message to earlier in the day. Her FB msg just popped on screen. Alice’s message? “Lol”



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