Air Conditioning in March. In New York.

Hey all,

I wanted to post this last Sunday.

Mona slept over here in Brooklyn last Saturday. And we got very little sleep.

Unfortunately, not because of an advanced cuddling marathon ; (

It was because it was SWELTERING in my apt.

In apartment buildings in NY the management usually BLASTS the heat so much in the winter that I have to open the windows anyway.

Now I’ve never lived anywhere else but I hate when people say “only in NY” because really… who knows? I know it’s just a saying but still it grinds my gears.


So last Saturday night it was 50 outside yet 80 in my apartment (I’m exaggerating… probably.)

We opened the window and tried to sleep. Still no real help.  I have zero cross breeze.

Opening the window comes with another set of problems: noise. I face the front of the building and we’re near a commercial avenue. People outside coming out of the local bar late at night, arguing, cars passing, idiots honking horns late at night (very infrequently but it still happens.)

So between the heat and the noise, we both got awful sleep.

After she left at 6 am and I went back down for a nap I realized what I could have done:


I did. In March. In Brooklyn. And it was awesome.

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