The Power of Lube aka The Good Stuff in Relationships

So ok,  Mona and I are together almost ten months now. We text a ton.  It’s 2016, duh, of course we text a lot. Especially when we go to bed in our separate homes.  Takes us ten minutes to get through all of the mandatory “I love you” “miss you” “can’t wait to see you”‘s and the kissyface emoticons.

Yep, we’re fairly nauseating even still.

I once texted “I love you” but I hadn’t realized that it autocorrected to “I lube you.” You better believe it made for a great laugh and lots of innuendo.

Now we sometimes just say “I lube you” and laugh. Every relationship develops those things that are just between the two people.  The inside jokes, the fun references, each other’s idiosyncrasies.

In one of Robin Williams’ many great speeches in Good Will Hunting he talks about those being “the good stuff” in a relationship. The things only we get about each other. Here’s the speech, it starts when he mentions his wife farting when she was nervous:

And it’s so true. No, we’re still not farting in front of each other, that’s not what I’m saying. What’s true is just knowing the fine points about each other that makes it so much  richer. Makes me really just adore her and our time together. The things that really make her mine. I could list them for ten minutes. But they’re mine to enjoy.

Ok ok, I can be sappy. Deal with it.


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