The Huge Coincidence

So this coming Saturday is a big dinner of about 14 of us guys. We all grew up around the same neighborhood in Queens NY. We’re all 37-45 years.

We do this every few months (more like 6-9 months.) I’m the organizer.

They’re raucous good times. Loud, crude, howling laughter. Such great times.

So, I was texting my friend Gus about the dinner and he replied that it was going to be “Huuuuuge,” a la Donald Trump’s pronunciation.

At that moment, I noticed that got a text from my friend, Gary, discussing a job application of mine to a company called… HUGE!!!!!

Ok, the company name isn’t bold or italicized.  I did that. But still… that’s such a weird… (deep breath)




  1. There’s a company called Huge? Odd name. And that Huuuuuuge thing that Trump does? We have a local-ish guy (started in Watertown, expanded to Syracuse, then Rochester, then god knows where) that’s a Car dealer – Billy Fucillo. “That’s Huuuuge” is his TV commercial sign off slogan. I’ve heard it for years and never associated it with The Donald. Wonder who is gonna sue who over that one?

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