“This job sucks” Career and Golden Handcuffs

So a friend, Derrick, has a very successful recruiting company with a staff if just one: him. He does the work to fill positions at companies and gets paid handsomely.

It’s also a shit ron of work. Long hours. Constant phones. He refers to it as “Golden Handcuffs” meaning it earns him a lot of money and even though he doesn’t like it at times his situation is such that he can’t stop earning at that level.

At some point in my job search, Derrick asked me of I was interested it looking into that field. I’m fairly outgoing. And I think of myself as a natural connector.

It’s sales.  I’ve never done sales. I’ve worked in sales environments all my professional career without actually selling.

Last Friday, I took him up on his offer just to talk more.

“My job sucks” he said. Not a great rousing endorsement. That said, the numbers he said I could make annually in a year or two was $20k-$40k more than I’ve ever made. Game changing money. And definitely game changing hours too. I’m not above hustling and grinding out long hours.  My only concern is my schedule with Mona but honestly that has to bend a bit.

He gave me some names and companies to call after he tweaks my resume and be sure to tell them how I wanted to work hard and make lots of money.

Someone said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results.

I’m spreading my efforts. Let’s see how this week goes.


  1. I have been in sales for 22 years(in the wedding business) and if I had to to change jobs, I would not be in sales any more…especially in this economy. But at least I sell things people need, and I help people all over the country, so it keeps it interesting. Hope you land something good soon!

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  2. Dear Rex,

    With your personality I think sales will be no difficult task. Well that is, minus the long hours, and the mentally draining aspects. 😉

    Insanity is exactly what you say, I am very happy to hear you being so cognitive of it. You are a strong man. I wish you the best! I wish you do try and pursue a position in sales and blog about your travels through this new endeavor.

    Have a wonderful Monday!!

    Yours truly,


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