Ok so yesterday in Contagious Canceled Meetings I mentioned how yesterday I messed up with driving directions to an interview and followed my GPS and it took me the back streets (lights and lots of cars) to Long Island.  Once I realized what it was doing, it was too late to get there on time via an alternate way.

I called the place ahead of time and we rescheduled for today in the afternoon. I actually had lunch with Mona today since she couldn’t hang out this weekend. She works on Long Island so it seemed like a good idea, to get most of the driving out of the way.

I arrived 415pm at the office building for the interview. Ok I’m set. As I walked in, I realized that I left my suit jacket in the car because I didn’t wear it while driving and forgot to put it in under my wool coat as i got out.

Ok, I’m doing this without a suit jacket.

“Hi, I have a 430 interview with Bob Johnson.”

“Oh… Kelly didn’t call you?  He had to leave early today.”

No, nobody called to reschedule. I drove out there for nothing. Was he just getting back to me for canceling the day before? Does karma have a wicked backhand?

And on top of the FOUR broken plans/meetings this week, upon request for feedback as to why I got passed up for a job, an HR person actually said that it was because I haven’t worked at my last job, where I acquired all of the pertinent experience, two years ago.

Oh that was rough to hear. I have no idea how I’m going to battle that story moving forward. But I’ll fight fight fight.

HOLY SHIT IS MARCH ALREADY and I’m still unemployed!!!!!

Ok ok calm down. Fight fight fight. I have a couple things cooking. Next week is new week.



  1. Again…. there needs to be a “that totally sucks” button on WP. However, this simply means that you’ll have FOUR interviews / meetings next week! Catch up on your rest, and enjoy the weekend, my friend!

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