The Job Finding Continues: “What Makes You Unique? Be Creative.”

Ok, applying to jobs at start-ups is interesting, especially having worked at a 10,000+ employee company.

Start-ups have that casual vibe.  Hip, cool. They have department Happy Hours, they go barefoot in the office,  they have tree stumps for tables.

Ok, I get it.

And after applying to a job there, they sometimes ask “What Makes You Unique? Be Creative. (In less than 150 characters.)”

Ugh. I got this yesterday at the end of the day. Eyes rolled a bit. What makes me unique? Ok, you asked for it:

“I am unique because I have gone hang gliding, have been to Japan and have done stand up comedy. All that cool experience rolled into one person.”

No, it doesn’t talk about my professional experience, but I was being creative. 144 characters.

Let’s see if I get any calls today.


  1. Hahaha!!! Creative indeed! And I thought I was blunt! What is up with those companies though? Most people who apply,haven’t done anything with reverence yet.. I’d just talk about my blog.. At least that’s gone from strength to strength.

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