Contagious Canceled Meetings

Ugh. This Wednesday I went to the NY Public Library in Manhattan to attend a free class on iMovie on the Mac.

I get there and on the classroom door it did that due to circumstances beyond their control,  class was canceled.

Ugh. Wasted THREE  hours round trip getting into the city then back out.

Then Wednesday I went out to see Mona.  She’s sick these days so I ordered delivery to arrive there when I get there and we’d have a quiet abbreviated night in.

I walk in the door and see a look on her face.

Uh oh.

Turns out her soon-to-be ex-husband is sick and she needed to go home to manage the kids. Ugh. Another THREE  hours wasted. We took our respective Greek dishes and went our separate ways.

The next is on me.

Beck story: So yesterday I get a call from a company about my application to work there.  I didn’t remember applying there and I have no record. She explained that they do marketing at events.  Baseball tickets. Full and part-time. I definitely don’t remember applying to that. But truth be told I need to start looking into other avenues for money. They said he’s interviewing from 10a-3p. So ok, Interview at 3pm today. In Queens. Probably an hour fifteen minute drive away without traffic.

So i left an hour and forty five minutes early to be safe. My GPS wantdx me to go a certain way. Seems like an odd way but I had plenty of time so what the hell, how bad could it be? I have so much time.


It took me the back roads.  All traffic  lights with construction everywhere. By the time I realized how bad it was, going back and starting over wasn’t an option.

DAMMIT I should have trusted my instincts!!!!!! Like FOUR hours wasted this time!

When I realized that I’d be late, I pulled over and called them.  She was understanding and we booked for tomorrow.


Glad it’s almost over.

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