Why do women always say “Whatever you want is fine”?

We’re having dinner tonight, I ask Mona if she’d like to order delivery in or go out. Her response is “whatever you want is fine.”

This is not the first time she’s said that. By far. Mona is not the first woman to say this to me. By far.

Is it because they like to please?

Is it because, in their minds, men should make plans?

Is it because they can’t make up their minds?

Is there another choice I’m not seeing?

I’m not beyond having my own ideas. Sometimes I suggest them first, sometimes I ask her. But I’ll always be ready with an idea if (when) she puts the ball back in my court.

And after that, it’s a negotiation anyway. So why not have any ideas upon first being asked, ladies?



  1. Unless I have a hankering for something, I’m usually pretty flexible about dinner plans. Which probably has to do with a little bit of being a people pleaser wrapped up in a too tired to make decisions. This being said…I usually know where I don’t want to eat.

    I remember reading an article that once said relationships were mostly about deciding where and what to eat 🙂

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  2. I say it because I genuinely don’t care where we eat so it’s easier to let the guy pick. Especially since I seldom eat out and don’t really know what to pick. On the other hand, I hate it when someone says they want me to pick the place but then objects to my choice.

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  3. FYI – it’s cause we can’t be arsed telling you what we really want because we don’t know what we want and you’re not giving us a list of options that might interest us.

    So therefore we leave the ball in your court 😛

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  4. It’s a test we are doomed to fail. We’re supposed to know our S.O. well enough that we can magically pick a place they would like. When my spousal unit puts the ball in my court like this, I pick where I want to eat because she told me “what ever I want is fine”. When she then complains about my choice, I tell her my ESP wasn’t working so how could I know where she really wanted to go unless she told me?

    But I do like what Chirose said – she knows where she doesn’t want to eat. So maybe if that info were leaked out ahead of time . . .? I will have to discuss this with my spousal unit.

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  5. I am probably the rare exception to this rule. I have particular tastes, I have a specified diet, and I have no patience for wishy-washy-ness. When I’m hungry, I am not about to leave things up to him. (And it doesn’t matter if the “him” in question is my brother or my husband or my co-worker or my nephew.) Typically, I either say, “I’m hungry for __________” or, if I am in the mood to let him (whoever ‘he’ may be) decide, it’s “Would you prefer Restaurant ABC or Restaurant XYZ?”

    I deal with women differently. But males? No way is “whatever he wants” gonna be “fine.”

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