The Met Coincidence

So a friend Dougie posted on FB that he won a ticket lottery and got Book of Mormon tickets for cheap, like $30 each. He posted asking who wanted to go with him. 

I was really close to saying yes, I haven’t seen him in forever, I’ve seen BoM but would be nice to go to a play and tool around Manhattan with him, however I already had plans for dinner with my Aunt. And money is tight to I’m managing my expenses. But I considered for a while.  And after dinner I pondered some more “maybe i should have gone after all.”

Today Dougie makes a FB status from his adventure in the city yesterday, which included going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He had a busy day tooling around the city. But in the FB status HE TAGGED ME!

What the hell?

“I was with you yesterday?” I responded.

He had no idea how that happened.  Was a freak accident.



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