Honest Feedback is Rare

So I’m in Job Find mode, and I’ve been interviewing. When told companies are not interested in moving forward with me as a candidate, I usually get general  responses like “We are no longer proceeding with you as a candidate. Other candidates are better qualified” or whatever.

When I asked for honest detailed  feedback as to what I was lacking or what others had that made them better candidates,  I rarely get an answer. Or one I could use anyway.

I get it. It’s a harder conversation, similar to dating. I’ve heard “not interested,” “see you as a friend” or “we’re too different” before.  Let’s face it, those aren’t much help in terms og setting me up to ein in the future. (And no, I’m not saying it’s the other’s responsibility to prep me for my next relationship.  But it would be helpful, I think.)

However, if the other said “You smell,” “The sex was bad,” “You live too far away” or “You’re going nowhere professionally,” though it might hurt to hear, then that’s something to work on.

Oh well.

Back to the Job Find.

I had two interviews with a company recently then got the automated “We’re not moving forward” email.


But the HR person, bless her heart, booked me so she could tell me why. Others were better qualified and she gave specific reasons that I couldn’t argue with, skills and experience that I don’t have.

I have closure and things I can work on.



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