2016 will officially be a great year for me

So I took a website making class at the NY Public Library.  On Google Sites. Uses templates, was pretty straightforward.

Next to me sat an older woman.  Lydia. We exchange minimal pleasantries and the class started.

As the instructor took us through the steps, Lydia started rifling through her bag then asked me to help on what she missed. She did this all evening. Was a little annoying but hey, she needed help. Reminded me of when I was teaching my mom how to use to computer/AOL in the early 90s, though mom was younger at the time than Lydia is now.

As we were making our websites, I was making one with example material-not real words or words that pertained to anything. I realized that Lydia was trying to make an actual working site for her business. Not only learninh how to make one but actually put in the text she needed to grow her business.


And her business was being a Psychic/ Numerologist.


I gave her my birthday month and she guessed the date within 2.

Not bad lady.

She asked if I lived in Queens, NY. No, but I grew up there.

I have her my birthday year and she said that my lucky number is 8.


I mentioned that I have two interviews tomorrow.  Lydia said I have a good chance of getting the job at the second company.  So we’ll see soon.

She said to pray top my grandmother (I forgot to ask which one.)


And overall, Lydus said this year would be a very good one for me.


You know, I ask for signs all the time.  Perhaps sitting next to a random psychic is one of them.

What if we all walked through life thinking that it would be a great year for us. What a great context! What great vibes to put out into the universe! Let’s do it!


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