The Nose Coincidence

Ok, everyone knows I love coincidences.  I think they’re instances of synchronicity in the universe brought along by energy/spirit/etc.

Here’s the latest.

I made chili yesterday.  A few years I decided that a good man should know how to make a good chili (I make the kind with meat/turkey, peppers, beans and tomatoes (and other stuff). I aspire to make  the southwestern version with just meat and peppers. The Green Chili.)

Anyway,  here it is:


I added some Chipotle sauce this time.  Definitely richer. And between that and the jalapeño, poblano and cubanelle peppers, it had a little spicy kick.

So I was texting Mona about the chili. I wrote that it was spicy. She hadn’t responded yet so I was in the middle of writing that it was making my nose run, when….

She texts “Nose” then she typed “Nice” because the “Nose” was an unintended typo.

Waitaminute… I was in the middle of  writing about my nose when she accidentally writes the word “nose”?

That’s freaky.


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