Career Roller Coaster- Do I Have to Become a Vlogger?

I had two interviews last week.  They went well. One was a second interview with the company, the other was a first but with the hiring manager.

Today I received the rejections from both of them.  Ugh. I’m trying to get specific feedback, but we’ll see if that’s possible. That’s the topic of another blog post.

So I’ve been looking in my industry for a while and haven’t gotten anything yet.  Too over-qualified here, under-qualified there.

Whatever. It gets me down but in the end of the day I gotta suck it up and get back on that horse.

I already have a first interview at another company this Thursday.

And… sometimes I wonder if I need to branch out. I think I’m going to take some civil service tests.  Maybe even visit Home Depot or restaurants.

(Big sigh)

Or maybe…

So I hear about these YouTube celebrities.  Some of them make a living off them. I hear one kid gets viewers to just watch him eat.

“So Rex, what would yours be about?”

Well, what are my transferable skills. I’m great with people, a good trainer, I know the online advertising/research world somewhat.

But the one skill I have that’s really won me some rewards is that I’m… well… ok I’ll say it:

I’m adorable.

I do just give of that vibe. Maybe people would want to watch short videos of me being adorable.

My personality had been a big selling point. Fun, witty, great guy, gregarious, crazy at times, very entertaining.  I have over a thousand FB friends because I’m that friendly guy in the office or in your club of interest. I tend to be silly on FB and it seems to get great reaction.

And I’m funny. I used to do stand up and improv and it’s just in my blood at this point. Geez I’m like Chandler Bing. I have to make a conscious effort not to make something a punchline. It’s really tough for me.

And I gave up stand up like ten years ago because I needed to grow up, focus and make money. Truth be told, I don’t want to go back into the clubs.  The schedule is awful.

Enter YouTube.

I can record at home. I have a new MacBook Pro and I’m learning how to edit on iMovie. It can be done, right?

I’d have to change my name on the YouTube channel.  And I don’t want to use “Gratuitous Rex” either. This blog is separate where I can come and unload.

It started as a comedy blog but it’s been a reality blog for quite some time.  And though my vlog might be similar, I wouldn’t be talking about my gf on it.

I don’t think, anyway. Buy I could record many many topics I’ve used on this GRex blog. I’ve gotten some pretty good reviews. They’re good primer topics.

There are plenty of YouTube personalities out there. What’s one more, right? I’d have to deal with the potential of people who know me song it. Potential employers too. Also, one of my eyes doesn’t always point in the same direction as the other one. I’m always really self conscious of that. Guess I’ll have to get over it

So I believe this is one of those “Fuck It!” moment. I may be onto something. I’ve got to at least try it, no?


  1. Not that this is for everyone but I feel it is something to consider. After getting let go from my management position I decided to do a career shift (I was young enough to make this viable). Even though it was hard financially the first few years, it has been a rewarding experience and well worth it.

    Big thing was pride. I was not too prideful to make less than what I was used to. I was not too prideful too accept a position that was “less” than my previous. I was not to prideful to “start at the bottom” and work hard to work my way back up.

    Perhaps something for you to seriously consider?

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