The South Pacific Loves Gratuitous Rex’ Blog

Hey all,

I’ve written similar to this before but not for a while.

Lately I’ve had a yearning to go to a tropical island. I’ve never been to any, not overnight anyway.

So of course the Caribbean islands are first in my mind since they’re relatively close to the Northeast here. I’ll gladly take a trip to PR, DR, St Lucia, Turks and Caucos, Nevis, etc.


If I’m going to fantasize about tropical islands, I may as well go all the way. I’ve  been looking at South Pacific islands lately- just pics, maps and stats on Wikipedia. Fiji, Bora Bora, Vanuatu,etc.  Places I could find crystal clear water in a lagoon.

I noticed the Cook Islands which have a relationship with New Zealand,  and Guam which is an American commonwealth. In fact, I hadn’t realized until recently that Guam is part of something called the Mariana Islands.  Apparently America has a few of those.

So I read a bit about the history of these islands,  what life is like, etc. They all sound so great. I’d love to visit a bunch.

And… today I checked my international traffic to my blog as I do every day… and I has visitors from Guam and Cook Islands. I think the Cook Islander visits frequently,  I’ve gotten visitation all week.


(I know, I know.  “Rex, welcome to the Internet. It crosses national boundaries, doofus.” Ok ok,  fair enough.  This isn’t a new concept.  Still, it’s damn cool. )

Not that other countries are inferior, of course they aren’t. I had visitors from five continents yesterday. That’s awesome.

Hello World! 

It’s just that my focus on the South Pacific lately is now spreading to my blog too. Visiting them is in my future.  I feel it!

Very exciting.

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