Respect the Text Loop


Some people need to take a three credit class on text etiquette.

So I’m the social director of my group of friends. I put together the big dinners.  Like sixteen of us. And, of course, the two biggest challenges are scheduling and location.

However, location is already taken care of. A friend suggested it while we were watching the Superbowl.

So I set up a text loop where we all discuss dates. After a few hours, it’s all taken care of.

But that text loop still exists on people’s phones.

Uh oh.

Now whenever guys want to say something to the whole group, they use that.

However… respect the text loop.

There are sixteen guys on this list. You need to make sure what they’re texting is worthy enough for at least most parties on the list to take time out of their day to read it.

There needs to be some Quality Assurance.

Something crude and humorous, that’ll get some good reactions by most. Political comments will inspire some heated discussion. Sometimes so heated that men ask to get taken off the loop.

But once you’re on, you’re on. Someone has to be nice enough to start a new loop with you off it. And that won’t happen, Sparky.

But when you start dropping random comments about things that happened in obscure movies, or when guys’ alerts go off just to read you saying “LOL” every other comment, then it’s time to stop texting because you clearly don’t understand how to respect the text loop.

Get with the program.

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