BYOCandle… More Valentine’s Fun

“Rex!  I get it! You have a girlfriend.  Things are going well. You’re in love! Mercy already! MERCY!”

Well, I don’t want to write about the specifics of my job hunt, so this is the other thing going on in my life.


So… Mona and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Friday.  Went to dinner.  A tapas place we’ve been to before.

We sit down and I have a big smile. Mona asks “what’s up?” So I whip it out.

No, not that, you deviant. I whipped out an electronic votive candle that changes colors:

Ok,  I’m completely silly and we have a great fun relationship. We have a bunch of those candles at both of our places to add ambience to Advanced Cuddling time, but I thought it would be fun to have one on the restaurant table while we ate dinner.

Yes, she thinks I’m slightly crazy. So what? It was a great conversation piece with the waiter, because he knows what’s supposed to be on the table and that’s not supposed to be there.

“Yes, I brought it as something special to have at the table for dinner” I said.

Then the manager walked over and asked about it. Then the owner. It added some fun to their evenings.

And to ours.

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