Valentine’s Gift Coincidence

So ok…

A couple days ago I blogged about how Mona and I had a coming to terms moment about what she had in mind for a Valentine’s Day gift and what I had in mind.  Namely, she got us a spa massage and other stuff and I got her some cute love trinkets. Two completely different values but we’re making it ok and will just be communicative moving forward.

For Christmas, one of her gifts to me was this stand alone wooden plaque that says “LOVE YOU MORE”, so a few days ago I was in a bookstore and saw a similar one that said


Cute right? Awwwwww. So I got it for her.

Last night we exchanged gifts.  I gave her that thing,  plus 6 pairs of different Valentine’s socks with hearts and stuff, some chocolate, some scented shower gel/soap, a kissy emoji pillow (which we use all the time while texting) (also its so soft,  like velour). A nice card. They went over well.

To my surprise, in addition to the spa treatment she got me something else.  What is it? Another stand alone wooden plaque.  What did it say?




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