1. My daughter, up there in NYC, is all about the health stuff, gym after work, etc… so I’m sending an Edible Arrangement to her work on Friday. But, since you and Mona are on a different level, than me and my daughter, I’ll have to go with Carl’s recommendation: Dove’s Truffles might do the trick!


  2. Do a “hide and seek” in your house with little clues to small things hidden around your house (like flowers, chocolates, bath salts, etc).

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  3. Rex, I’m not sure what she would like but I’d tell you what it’d blow my mind. Cook for her whatever she likes (and preferably naked, wearing only an apron). Later, feed her some chocolates 😀


  4. Its not really about spending money or getting lavish gifts, the best gift of all is you expressing how you feel about her, Im pretty sure thats really what all women want! Eg. A heartfelt (self written!) poem, a collage of things you love about her…something like that! And of course enjoy reading it over a shared candle lit dinner! Good Luck!!!

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