Heavy Vetting aka More Nine Month Relationship Stuff

Get it? Not Heavy Petting, but Heavy VETTING.

So a week or so ago I mentioned that Mona was vetting me for long term possibilities.  Last night, it was more of the same.

She pretty much asked straight out if I was willing to be an active step-father, would I get the opportunity, wink wink, nudge nudge.

But more importantly, she wanted to ensure that I didn’t want kids of my own,  because she has no interest in having any more kids.

She doesn’t want to get hurt if she gets further attached then I may realize that I want kids of my own and break up with her because of that.

It’s understandable. I did tell her that yes I absolutely wish I had had kids by now,  but moving forward I don’t want to have kids at this point.

She heard it, but we had to have another conversation tonight just to clarify.

I even told her that I knew about the nine month rule women have about vetting a man to gauge long term potential. She was unaware of this unspoken rule even though she nailed the timing impeccably. Our nine month mark is only eight days away.

Things are settled again, for now. Onward we go.

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  1. Stepfather, eh? Sounds as if you’ve passed the “test” for her children! She’s found you loving and acceptable for them. That’s awesome! Congratulations!

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