Triple Coincidence- Life, Relationships, TV and Facebook

You know, I think I’ve turned a corner in my life. Thank the Lord.

Things with Mona are flying along. Love love love. All you need is love. Love is all you need. It’s not perfect but it’s awesome. I’ll write about last night in my next blog post. Nothing related to an argument, just some slightly physically harmful yet fun wackiness. We’re ok. I think you’ll enjoy it, good reader.

“But Rex, aren’t you still unemployed?” Very true. Good memory. However, I’ve been very busy this month applying,  networking and interviewing. And even though I have not been hired yet I am happy with the new level of effort I’ve been putting in and with what results I have been getting. 

Heck,  I even have a former colleague/now CEO of a company putting in an endorsement to another CEO.

I can see the end result in my head.  It’s real, in there. It’s happening.

Now, you all know that I love a good coincidence.  I believe they’re instances of synchronicity in the world. One can almost say that the spirit is watching over me, giving me signs that it’s with me on this life quest.

Today, I had three coincidences:

1. A friend in FB wrote that he had to go a birthday party. And, as I read that, on TV I heard Walter White mentioning his own birthday party (yes, I’m catching up on Breaking Bad on Netflix with my Roku.)

2. Last night, Mona and I decided that we were going to a restaurant way out on Long Island called the Lazy Donkey.

Today, I texted a friend who lives in the area, asking if she’s ever been there. At that moment I get a random text from Mona, saying how much she’s looking forward to going.

And 3. As I mentioned I’m catching up on Breaking Bad finally.  On the final season now. Today, I’d just finished watching my second episode of the day and was going to watch a third. Then something inside me said no, you need to do this other thing. So I decided not too watch another.

At that point I looked at the Netflix screen, it normally puts on another episode after one ends after a ten second countdown or so. HOWEVER, when I looked up there was a message saying “Are you still watching Breaking Bad?” I’ve never gotten this message before.

No. No, I’m not watching it anymore. Thanks for the extra pause to confirm.

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