“Now I first want to say ‘I’m ok'”

Mona texted me tonight around midnight, saying she wanted to call. Uh oh.

“Now, I first want to say I’m ok. ”

Oh boy. I used to joke that my Mom in Florida starts every phone call like that because she’s getting up there in age and time’s affecting her. But Mona?

She had been feeling occasional jaw pain. Tonight she thought she had arm and chest pain. Her parents died young, and her mom ultimately of a heart attack. So she’s extra cautious.

Oh boy. To the Emergency Room she went.  Has been there a while now. EKG came out negative and is waiting on other tests.

I’m sure she’ll be fine but she couldn’t forgive herself of she wasn’t and didn’t go to the ER.

Around month four I met her in the ER because of kidney stones. She was fine. I’m not going to the ER now. Maybe I should be, but I’m not. She sounds fine. It’s an hour away, she could be fine by the time I get there. She seems fine with it. I’m leaving my ringer on just in case and she knows it.

Off to sleep I go. Hope to wake to a good text.

Follow up: So it’s the next day now, she was released a half hour after she and I texted last last night. All is good.


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