Whole Lotta “Love”- Relationship Stuff

Ok so Mona and I are past 8 months together. And we are CHEEEEEE-ZEEEEEEEEY with the “I Love You”s and the “miss you”s and “can’t wait to see you”s.

As I’ve documented, I don’t have to be this expressive,  but she seems to like it so what the hell?

I told her today that I guessed that her married friends would be jealous of us and she confirmed that they are because of the new relationship love. It’s rather obsessive, I admit.

As I’ve documented,  we text a lot. I counted and today I texted some form of “I love you” SEVEN times.

We are waist deep in it.  She said she’s waiting for the current phase of her life to end so she can start the new one with me.

That’s pretty awesome. And it also brings up a ton of things about me feeling worthy.

Fuck it. I exist.  I’m worthy.  At the end of the day, that’s all there is, really.

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