The Parking Spot Coincidence

Ok I love in Brooklyn NY. And it’s crowded here, 2.6 million people. So needless to say, parking cars in the street is tough.

And in my neighborhood in BK, that’s definitely the case.  Even in the area with private houses with driveways, there are so many people nearby  without houses with driveways that most spots are filled all the time.

Yesterday,  I was parked on the next street diagonally from me (one Avenue over and one street over.) I know to many, walking that far to go home from the car is ridiculous. 

That’s city living.

Well, I left my cushy spot at 6pm (yes I still consider that “cushy” that’s how conditioned I am) to go to Mona’s place and wouldn’t arrive back into past 11pm. At that time I almost always have to park at least one additional Avenue over.

However, when I arrived home,  the SAME EXACT SPOT THAT I LEFT FROM WAS OPEN.

BOOYAH! That’s what I’m talkin bout.


PS However, I did move it onto my block today in the daytime today as there’s a big snow storm headed here this weekend and I’d like it close by to clean it off.


  1. Frequently travelling to that area, I agree that is awesome. Good luck with the snow this weekend! Make sure its gone in a month when j wander back that way šŸ™‚


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