“I know that already” kills growth aka Unrequested Advice/Coaching is bad

So a friend, Doug, was in the dumps and I offered a technique I learned that I use to keep me positive:

Basically change my physiology where I’m moving or assuming open physical poses of strength, confidence, victory,  etc.  I believe doing so even released hormones, endorphins,  etc.

Ann Cuddy talks about it here:

And Tony Robbins talks about it here:
Ok I can’t find a link,  but trust me.

So I gave Doug the link and explained that I do her Power Pose exercise and it puts me in a better mood.

He skimmed through it. “Yeah, I know that already,” he says.

(Sigh) Ok we might know everything great but if we don’t put them into practice,  what good is it? “I know that already” shuts off the possibility of trying things. Maybe if he actually performed it instead of just knowing it then if would make a difference for you.

But to be honest,  the horse wasn’t ready to drink. He actually didn’t ask for advice or coaching, I kind of forced it on him,  and I admit, unrequested coaching usually falls on deaf ears and pisses people off.

And also, people usually have their lives filled up even if it’s with watching useless tv or spending too much time with wasteful activities.  People really have to want to do something if we’re going to change our routines in order to actually do anything new.

I do love to help when I know something that might help,  but I have to make sure people are open to new ideas first.


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