Man Pants and the Reunion of a Former Job

So I was just invited to a reunion of a division of a company that I was at for about a year. 18 years ago!

I initially said yes but had regrets as I looked over the people going.  I wasn’t that close with these particular people. I was an Assistant at the time, no other Assistants were going, just a bunch of Sales Directors.

But ultimately, I was embarrassed. Embarrassed that I was out of a job, embarrassed that I was behind the curve in terms of having the things many of the people that I know at my age have: spouse/ex spouse, children,  a house.  The usual stuff.

So I was debating not going.

Then… oh man fuck it, Rex, just sack up and go. You never know what will come of it. It’s a great networking opportunity. Most of these people are movers and shakers whose careers Hanne moved them along to cooler stuff, with connections all over.  Put your Man Pants on and let’s do this.

I went and it was fine. I WAS freelancing at the time so I used that as my “job.”

(Ironically,  one guy there knows one of my then-bosses because they both frequented the same summer community.)

I made nice with most of them, caught up, talked for a few hours. I can reminisce and entertain well.

There was one guy there who I didn’t know, Glenn, who left the company before the Era of Rex started. I made sure to LinkIn with him.


I now have an interview with Glenn’s  company. I saw an opening there, then sent him a message requesting a referral. He was happy to oblige.

Ok, now I’m very glad I went. My Man Pants fit well, looking forward to keeping them on : )


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