Love Rocks!

You know, I feel like I owe you an apology. I started this here blog to be an outlet for comedy writing, observations, rants, etc. And for a while it was entertaining as hell.

However, almost a year ago it became a dissection of my life. Usually career and dating stuff. Granted I try to keep it sarcastic and clever, with a little bite to it. But lately it’s a lot about my gf and quite often how great we’re doing. Eesh, I’ve turned sappy.

(Ok ok there are times when we don’t exactly see eye to eye, but we do get over those pretty quickly and fully.)

Well, when in Rome…

So I was in 7-11 the other day and, on the counter, I saw polished rocks with cool words etched on them. So naturally, I bought one with “Love” on it (get it? Love Rocks?) to give to Mona as a little tchotchke:


I may not be able to wine and dine her like I’d like to at the moment, but I thought this was cute. I’m a firm believer in nurturing a relationship, even with small things like this.


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