The Maldives Coincidence

So on FB yesterday, there was an article about beautiful beaches around the world with atypical features like color, formation, etc. They were from places like Hawaii, New Zealand, Indonesia, Iceland, Greece, Australia, Maldives.

I reposted it and Mona commented,  playfully asking which of those beaches we were going to (once I get a job and can save for a while. And once her divorce gets settled and she can take time off from the kids. So not for a while, Mona. One day.)

I instantly chose Maldives, since I’ve been pining about it ever since an ex – coworker went there on his honeymoon and I Googled the country since that was the first time I’d ever heard of it. The Maldives’ special beach has bioluminescent phytoplankton .


THEN… only a few minutes later… on Meet the Press, I saw a report about Amal Clooney (yes, George’s wife) fighting to release Maldives’ ex President from jail, addressing corruption and the fact that Maldives has has high % recruitment for ISIS.

Ok, so maybe we’ll wait to visit the Maldives. Looks like it’ll just be Hawaii. Either way… COIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINCIDEEEEEEEENCE!!!!!!!!!

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