Dress for the Job Interview… even on the phone

So I had an interview yesterday. A phone interview.  Actually I had two with the same company.

I had applied for a job then sent my resume to a former colleague I know at that company to see if he could put a good word in.

I was contacted by their HR recruiter and we set up a call for 2:30pm.

But my former colleague also asked a high up there to consider me. The CEO of the company. (The company is part of another company owned by yet another company,  but still he’s a CEO.) We set up a call for 2pm.

Of course I was taking these calls from home where,  ultimately, I could be taking calls in my underwear, if that.

But lately I’ve been mock interviewing with a friend and taken a seminar and it became apparent that I need to work on my speaking tone and pace. I tend to speak fast anyway, put me in a pressure situation and it’s a complete crap shoot. I completely understand that confident people don’t rush or raise their pitch but it just happens and I need to pay extra mind to it.

So I needed some extra help.  So I dressed up, even though I was on the phone. No suit, but a button down and khakis. It helped.

I’m not saying the calls went perfectly. The CEO was ten minutes late and he was in the elevator, the call dropped and he had to call back. We only got about seven minutes of call in before our next call. I understand I wasn’t a priority. He fit me in and I appreciate it.

The call with the HR recruiter wound up being for other positions than the one I applied for. Ah interviewing. Oh well, roll with it.

At times I definitely stopped, caught myself, calmed my pace and tone down, as I sat in my apt in a button down and khakis. I think it helped.

The HR recruiter gave me the general “I’ll pass my notes along and if they like you we’ll call you in.” But then I mentioned that the CEO recommended I be called in.

I haven’t been called back just yet but I like where this is going. The networking,  the pace, the tone, the dressing the part… even if on the phone.

I AM making this happen.  I CHOOSE SUCCESS.


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