The Krysten Ritter Coincidence (minor Jessica Jones and Breaking Bad spoilers)

Hey all… this week I plowed through the Netflix series Jessica Jones where Krysten Ritter plays a superstrong private eye dealing with new romance, family issues and a mind controlling psycho from her past. She perfectly portrays the imperfect tortured anti-hero just trying to earn a living yet steps up when she has to. The supporting cast, writing & directing is superb.

It’s FAN – FUCKING – TASTIC! Gritty, noir, layered, tough. This is no cheesy superhero show, that’s fo sho. Watch it ASAP on Netflix.

I finished it this morning.  And since it was a lazy morning, I started catching up on Breaking Bad. (I know I know “it’s about time!”)

And in the episode I happened to watch… it had a guest spot featuring KRYSTEN RITTER! Unfortunately, her character died in the episode in a heartbreaking way that shows how much of a self-centered bastard the main character Walter White is becoming. : ( So no more of her sassy junkie character : ( : (


One comment

  1. She is so good in Jessica Jones….I hate any of that super hero stuff and only watched it because so many people were talking about it and it was GREAT!! David Tennant and I are getting married as soon as he divorces his current wife…my FAVORITE DOCTOR WHO!!!! I LOVED him as a bad guy!!!

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