Did I just get a sign from God?

So ok. I blog. Been doing this over a year now. It started off as an outlet for humor writing of weird things in the world and it turned into an autobiography type of blog with a humorous tone.

It evolved.

Side note: I’ve been having a hard time with my career lo this past year and a half, and though I’ve been applying,  networking and setting up interviews this week, I’ve been asking God for breakthroughs and signs for direction and success. And for the ability to realize a sign when I receive one, because I can be pretty Capa tosta, as they say in my grandparents’ boot shaped motherland.

I’ve received plenty of compliments about my blog and I appreciate every one. Today,  I received one from someone who arrived on it via search engine. See here:


Really nice of him to say. A random guy,  not even a fellow blogger,  just passing by.

Lately I’ve been thinking… what if my difficulty finding a yob in the field I’m trying means that I should be doing something else. Could it be possible to create a healthy living with my wit, personality and creativity?

Maybe there IS hope after all.


  1. As you know, I too had a major change in career and it has worked out for the best. It was very tough initially and the pay difference was tough to swallow but it has worked out in the end.

    Perhaps? Something for you to seriously contemplate.

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