MY test?

Ok I just lost my job yesterday.

Today I had a date with Mona. I was driving to her place like normal, just order delivery food and “chill.”

My normal routine is to get her order, place it, charge it on my card, have it delivered, be there before it arrives.

Yes,  I lost my job.  Zero income for now. Zilch. But… I couldn’t being myself to say “Mona, since I just last my job,  can you pay for dinner tonight?”

Fragile male ego. ugh.

Instead, I asked for her order.  She gave it to me.  She did not offer to pay.

: (

I admit,  I was disappointed. I know,  I know… in my head she “should have known” much like I should have known something recently that she got mad at me for.


I charged it. $30 including tip.

Ok we’re going to have to change our rituals. And I’m going to have to put on my man pants and have the difficult conversations.


  1. I don’t understand why you always expect to pay. ? Is this a cultural difference between the east and west coasts? Here on the west coast we split the bill or take turns picking up the tab.

    Knowing that you lost your job yesterday, she should have offered to pay. I am really surprised she didn’t!

    You definitely have to have an honest discussion with her.

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  2. A true gentleman, you are…. Keep smiling, bro! A new gig is just around the corner from you! Been-there-done-this. I’ve always been one who believes everything happens for a reason.

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  3. lol, I have no idea who you are or what this place is, but I Googled “loud kissing noises annoying” and you were the first result. Funny shit, and you’re real as fuck. Congrats, you got a new snoop in your life. Sorry about the job, but be sure to keep us posted on how things turn out

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