Brought the New Year in with a… Snore?

Ok so New Years Eve was last night. Spent it with Mona. We went out to a great steak place near her hood. One glass of wine each,  Salad,  Chateau Briand for a 2, garlic mashed potatoes, some awesome mushrooms, asparagus, onion rings (came with), baked potato (came with) and rice pudding.

Yeah it was going to be expensive, like over $200. Probably Definitely not wise for me. But we did it.

Food was awesome. The bill came and..
BOOM Mona whips out a $100 gift card she got from a patient of hers. Ok I still shelled out $130 or so but it could have been worse.  Thanks, God.

We get back to her place, ready to ring in the new year with a bang, ifyouknowui’msayin. And…

We were TIRED. Big meal, big glass of wine each. We COULD have rallied but it would not be our best.

So we joined the ABM Posse (Asleep Before Midnight).

I think the fact that we’re seeing each other again tonight had some influence.

No wine today.  It’s on.


  1. I REALLY hope you get to meet her kids soon…I can’t remember if you have wrote about meeting her friends or other family either…Anyways, hope it happens cause I thinks its time….

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  2. Have u met her other family…friends?? I ask, because part of me feels shes hiding you from others which isn’t a good sign…BUT I HOPE that is NOT the case….

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