21 Year Old Karma

When I graduated college, some relatives from Florida came up for the party. I can’t recall if that was the only reason why they were up.

Regardless, they were up in NY. And they were staying at our house. After the party in my backyard ended, I went out with my friends to a club. I was very friend-centric at the time. My house was more or less going to bed so I figured I wouldn’t miss much. But who knows if my Aunt, Uncle and cousins would have stayed up.  We may have done something fun. Or we may not have but it would have been nice to end the night with them.

Afterwards I realized that this could have seemed like a slight to them and it wouldn’t have killed me to stay home.

Well, karma is slow.

So for this Christmas, I’m at my sister’s house about 6 hours away from where I live. And tonight was my last night here,  I’m leaving tomorrow morning.

Yes, my sister and her live-in fiancé get up around 5:30am during the week and they go to bed early but this morning (Saturday) they got up at 8am-ish.

After dinner and Amazon Prime movie, my sister and her fiancé went to bed.

It was 8:50pm. On my last night in town. I know she goes to bed early normally and God knows this small town, with it’s minimal level of artificial light at night, gets darker then most places (nothing against small towns, i just come from a big one so the contrast is enormous.) Plus it’s cold-ish tonight.  And her fiancé is a straight-laced older guy. But come on. 8:50pm?

I did say something to her, she joked a bit that she’d only make fun of me if she stayed up later, as she normally does as is her Older Sister Right.

Then she went to bed.

Oh karma, you took your time on this one.


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