I can’t wait for my next big breakthrough

Hey all,

So I visited my sister’s house for Christmas, staying til Sunday, weather permitting. My parents are here too.

And all the while I’m texting Mona. Everyone’s ok with it.  They know she and I are pretty serious, and they’re very happy for me. I’ve been giving them stories of Mona and my adventures, showing pictures, etc. Good times.

She and I Facetimed a bit too.

I am just so grateful for this breakthrough, this wonderful relationship that really came to me. And yes, I’ve worked on it,  messed up a bit, learned, grown and it’s still going strong, making plans months out.


I’m very excited for the next big breakthrough in my life, that I’ll create/attract. One around career.  Getting me back on track and rockin and rollin.

Bring it!


  1. Congrats, Rex! So happy you are so in love and doing so well. It really makes your buds here happy to see you in such a wonderful and healthy relationship. You deserve it and more.

    Career successes are coming soon; we can feel it for you!!!

    Merry Christmas! Xo

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