The Lacey Coincidence

Hey all,

So I just sent a message to a friendly ex coworker (and HUGE GRex fan) Betty to see if she would send a recommendation to a company that I just applied to that she has many connections at.

On LinkedIn, I noticed that Betty now works at a different division of my old company than the one she used to work at when I worked there.  A division that someone else I know, Lacey, works at. So in my message to her I asked if she worked with Lacey, in my efforts to make pleasant conversation.

A few minutes later, during the course of handling my phone, a digital payment app accidentally opened up. I downloaded it weeks ago but never really used it. One thing I don’t like is that the app lets me know the payments that my connections have made or received from people.  Little privacy.

But as it opened up, showing my connections’ recent activities… whose activity was at the top of the screen?

That’s right… LACEY!


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