Christmukkah, Part 2: Gifts

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had to buy gifts for Mona for the holidays.  That’s nothing unexpected, that’s what people in a relationship do.

But I had this idea for Broadway tickets and she had just previously bought tickets for me for my birthday so was much buying them for her for Christmas unoriginal and uncreative? Blah blah blah.

I got some great advice from some fellow bloggers.

Ok, I bought Broadway tickets, and a Himalayan Salt Slab to cook on and a necklace (got a great discount on it. Woohooo!)

She loved them.

Although, I wish I thought a little better. I know for a fact that she really wanted to see one show in particular. Show A. One that I’ve seen already and would gladly see again with her. 


For some reason, when looking for tickets, it didn’t even occur to me to look for Show A. I’m not sure why. My mind was set on buying another show, Show B. She’d still like it.  BUT it wasn’t the one she REALLY REALLY wanted.

She kind of knew I was going to buy tickets and after the gifts were unwrapped said that the one I eventually got was not the one she thought I was getting.

That’s all she mentioned of the other play.  She’s very grateful for they ones I got.  I don’t want to paint her as ungrateful.

The regret is mine. She realized that I realized that I was regretful for not buying Show A, and she’s been completely graceful about it, telling me how excited she is to see Show B.

She got me tickets to a musician’s concert, one we both like a lot and will be another great event for us to share in the course of our relationship.

Plus that concert is 4+ months away (my play tix are 2+) so we’re making plans that far out. A VERY good sign as far as the relationship goes.

She also got me a sweater, some other cute, smaller things.

We had some great “advanced cuddling” even adding something to our usual repertoire which made an enormous difference for me. It had already been great before but WOW.

All in all. Things with her are just awesome. We won’t see each other for 6 days after Monday as I’m going out of town for Christmas, but I think we’ll discover Facetime.


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