The Mushroom Coincidence

Ok, GRex loyalists know that I love coincidences. I think that they’re instances of synchronicity in the world.  And they could even be holy intervention.  Who knows?

Anyway, so this Saturday Mona was coming over. Cooking for me too. She is fucking AWESOME.  Steak, a brussel sprouts/bacon mix, mushrooms/onions.

And dessert.

She fucking rocks.

Anyway, I was tasked to pick up some onions and mushrooms. No prob. I went to my market, picked up two white onions.  Boom.

But where are the mushrooms? I walked down the rest of that produce aisle,  looking around.

All of a sudden a woman turned around and asked me if WHAT SHE WAS HOLDING WERE THE RIGHT MUSHROOMS.

I kid you not.  That happened. They were white and organic. She was asking about the right mushrooms for what she was cooking, of course. How the hell was I to know which ones she needed? We looked around a bit and she went on her way and then I proceeded to buy the EXACT CARTON OF MUSHROOMS THAT SHE WAS ORIGINALLY HOLDING.

(Deep inhale)


That was completely freaky.

PS here was our meal



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