The Happy Birthday Text is perfect

So people have birthdays once a year.


And we like to wish them a happy birthday.


But, I don’t necessarily want to have full conversations with them.  Do I want to catch up with everyone on my/ their birthday?

No. No I don’t.

That’s why the “Happy Birthday” text (or FB comment) is perfection. A simple lean communication to read at one’s leisure.  That point gets across: the acknowledgement, the love… and the BREVITY.

Do I find out everything about what’s going on in people’s lives? 

No. Do I want to?


Not necessarily anyway. Those that I do I will anyway just out of our ongoing relationship. My inner circle.  I don’t have time to catch up with EVERYBODY. Nor are we going to keep up that amount of relationship with everybody.

Those that are not in my inner circle that get the HB text/FB comment will be happy to receive anything from me. And I them.

“But isn’t it great to be in touch with as many people as you caaaaaaan and looooove alllll and have a close relationship with EVERYOOOOOOOOOONE?”

No. Put a sock in it, hippie.

And Happy Birthday!


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