Reasons for Cleaning

So Mona came over last night. Best believe I cleaned my apt ahead of time. We were cooking too, so it had to be Food Prep ready. 

And of course it had to be Naked Woman ready.

And it was. Wink.

But Mona only comes over once a month or so. Although coming here is  preferred than staying by her, there are numerous reasons for staying there more often than staying here, reasons that both of us completely understand and agree on.

“But Rex, you DO clean even when women AREN’T coming over too, right?”

Well… to a lesser degree. And sometimes a MUCH lesser degree. I would love a breakthrough in continually cleaning my apt.

Interesting nugget: I bring shirts to the dry cleaners every week or so, and pick up the shirts from the previous week. So a collection of hangers accumulates in my closet. Yesterday, I returned this amount to my dry cleaner:


My dry cleaner thought it was a year’s worth. I’m not sure I’ve recycled hangers every time Mona has come over so it may well be a year’s worth.

I aspire to maintain a Sex Ready apt even when I don’t know when the next time sex will occur in Casa Rex. Dammit, I’m going to cause that breakthrough.

I should at least leave my broom,  dustpan, Swiffer, and moistened Clorox wipes in common areas for easy access.

I need to become this man. There is such a big lesson here for me, a lesson in cleanliness and organization and just being prepared. Also a lesson that my own company is enough to want to have a pristine living space for.

A breakthrough in how much I care for myself. That’s really what it is.

Or maybe it’s just a breakthrough in not being a lazy ass. That’s quite possible.


  1. “….my own company is enough to want to have a pristine living space for.
    A breakthrough in how much I care for myself. ”

    I can definitely identify with this. I DO clean up for people, not so much for myself. I have improved over the years, I believe, but, looking around, I do see a thin layer of dust right now. Ugh!
    That will annoy me until someone is designated to come visit, I reckon.
    Thanks for the reminder…. 😉

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