List some successes or wins

Hey all, I believe what you focus on expands. Let’s attract some success by listing some successes we’ve had or things we’ve won at in our lives.

I’ll start:

-When I was a kid, I won the Pinewood Derby in Boy Scouts
-At a job a while ago, I once received a 40% annual pay increase
-I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class
-I came in first in a “Funniest Resident of Queens” contest in 1998 at a comedy club.

There are much more, of course.

Now your turn, dear reader. Name some things that you’ve done/happened to you that you consider a success or a win.


  1. #1 Won the Science Fair in High School (both county and regional) which resulted in an internship with NASA.

    #2 After getting laid off, managed to find another job in just 1 months and eventually developed that “negative” into a “positive” and a career that I am still at to this day.

    #3 Graduated with my MBA, while working full time and juggling a family and still had a 3.71 GPA.

    #4 At my current job, been Employee of the Quarter twice and promoted 5 times in my 9 year tenure.

    Finally the most important success/win of them all…

    #5 Married my wonderful wife and being a father of two great children.

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  2. I went to EMT school at 52 and was not only first in my class, I was the only person who made a perfect score in the “clinical” testing part.
    I never missed a day of school. I was never late to school.
    I never missed a day of work. I was never late to work.
    Pretty puny but I spent most of my life raising children.

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      • Yes, I would recommend it but it is a very difficult job for several reasons. It is very unrewarding as well. I’ve been hit, punched, spit on and called everything but a child of God but when you go home at night and know that you have helped somebody or saved their life….it’s worth every lick.

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